History To Celebrate

The Montreal Olympics in 1976 were the first Olympics to include women’s rowing. The women competed over the 1k distance (the men raced 2k).

The US sent a full team and came home with two medal-winning performances:

1x: Joan Lind Van Blom Silver medal
2x: Jan Palchikoff, Diane Braceland Vreugdenhil
4x: Karen McClosky Keehn, Lisa Hanson Stone, Liz Hills O'Leary, Claudia Schneider Lockwood, coxn Irene Moreno
2-: Susan Morgan Hooten, Laura Staines Giardino
4+: Pam Behrens Golding, Cathy Menges Zagunis, Nancy Storrs, Judy Geer. Coxswain Mimi Kellogg Lyman
8+: Jackie Zoch, Anita DeFrantz, Carie Graves, Angie Greig, Anne Warner, Peggy McCarthy Bailey, Carol Brown, Gail Ricketson Helfer, Lynn Silliman Reed Bronze medal

Concept2 celebrates this trail-blazing team of women!

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The US Women’s Rowing Team, entering the stadium for the Opening Ceremony.

The US Women’s Rowing Team, entering the stadium for the Opening Ceremony. This old poster gives a great overview of the Opening Ceremony. The US Women’s Rowing Team, entering the stadium for the Opening Ceremony.<br><br>The team clothing in 1976 was provided by now-defunct Montgomery Ward. Does anyone remember them? <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montgomery_Ward">https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montgomery_Ward</a> Detailed descriptions of the Montgomery Ward uniforms. Joan Lind, US Women’s 1x (Single Sculls). Joan racing. Silver medalist Joan Lind! Joan receiving her silver medal. We remain shocked and sad that Joan is no longer with us to celebrate this anniversary. She passed away in 2015 after a valiant fight with a brain tumor. The Women’s Eight: Jackie Zoch (stroke), Anita DeFrantz, Carie Graves, Angie Greig, Anne Warner, Peggy McCarthy, Carol Brown, Gail Ricketson, and coxswain Lynn Silliman. Coach: Harry Parker. Anita is now a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The US in the far lane. The Women’s Eight (right) receiving their bronze medals.  The East Germans took gold, and Russia took silver. The eight returning to the dock with their bronze medals. The Women’s Four with coxswain: Pam Behrens (stroke), Cathy Menges, Nancy Storrs, Judy Geer, and coxswain Mimi Kellogg. Coach: John Hooten.<br><br>Cathy’s daughter, <a href="http://www.teamusa.org/usa-fencing/athletes/Mariel-Zagunis" target="_blank">Mariel Zagunis</a>, is on the US Fencing Team for Rio! Women’s Four on the course.  They rowed to a 6th place finish. Women’s Quad in training: Karen McCloskey (stroke), Lisa Stone, Liz Hills, Claudia Schneider, and coxswain Irene Moreno. Coach: Tom McKibbon. The quad won the Petite Finals.<br><br>Lisa’s daughter, <a href="http://www.teamusa.org/us-rowing/athletes/Genevra-Stone" target="_blank">Gevvie Stone</a>, is the US single sculler for Rio! The quad on the way to winning the Petite Final with the 4th fastest time overall in the final racing. Women’s Double Sculls:  Jan Palchikoff (stroke) and Diane Braceland, with coach Bob Ernst. Jan and Diane racing to 5th place in the Finals. The Women’s Pair: Laura Staines and Sue Hooten, ready for the Opening Ceremony. The Women’s Pair: Sue Morgan Hooten and Laura Staines Giardino, winning the Petite Finals. Newspaper clipping reviewing the US Women’s Rowing Team. The 1976 US Women’s Olympic Rowing Team

As we celebrate these crews from 40 years ago, we also send cheers and good luck wishes to the women representing the US this year in Rio!